Ultrafire® 7W 300LM CREE Q5 LED 3-Mode Mini Black Shell Portable Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Lamp -Red Light
Ultrafire® 7W 300LM CREE Q5 LED 3-Mode Mini Black Shell Portable Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Lamp -Red Light
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Flashlight Specifications:

- Brand:UltraFire
- UltraFire CREE Q5 LED Flashlight
- 3 Modes: Max, Low, Strobe
- Service Life: 10,0000 hours
- Type: LED torch
- Emitter Type: CREE Q5
- Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
- LED Number: 1
- Output Luminous: Flux 300 lumens
- Dimensions: 90 x 25 x 20 mm
- Weight: 59g

Power & Batteries:
- Battery Type: 1x14500 battery (Not Included)
- Battery Included: No

- Portable and cool for outdoor activities
- Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent.

Package includes: 1 x LED Flashlight


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3Amazon seller breakdown, 3-mode vs 1-mode
With all the complaints about varying products and 1-mode versus 3-mode switches, I decided to trawl through 100+ comments looking for sellers specifically named, and also directly contacted a few of them myself.


Seller names with a * next to them are ones I got a conclusive e-mail response from.



Exciting Co*
Lucky Electronics
Eternal Tech


Dealextreme4u* - (Ultrafire)
Suyuca* - (can't tail stand)
Blue Top* - (Ultrafire)
new goldengulf* - (no voltage regulator)
Uhope* - (clones)
Eforyou Inc 8888*
Sunwise LLC*
Silver fox

REPORTEDLY Unreliable (product switching):

Coco Fed


You might prefer a US based seller (may only cost 50¢ more), so that you get the product in a week instead of a month, and fast returns if there are problems. Be sure to take a good look at seller ratings before buying, and post negative seller feedback if you are treated badly... Some of the cheapest sellers have only 50-60% positive rating, while it is normal to see 90% positive.

The cheapest sellers are typically offering the 1-mode light, so expect to pay a bit more for a 3-mode. You should also realize that 3-mode isn't always a good thing... Several reviewers have complained that they don't like the extra complexity and confusing (memory) behavior, so consider your needs carefully. As bright as this is, I insist on 3-mode so I can dim the light (about 40 lumens), and get several times longer battery life. The combination of high/low and flood/spot very effectively covers the full range of flashlight usage scenarios. I do wish LOW was the first mode in the cycle... you can't un-blind yourself after the fact. And I'd like an even-lower brightness mode, ~5 lumens.

It is a waste to buy 14500 Li-Ion batteries... Most of them cost ~$4/each, and have just 10% more power (Volt*Amp/Hours) than a $2/each LSD NiMH rechargeable, which withstands much more use and abuse (and Li-Ions are notorious for vastly exaggerated specs). Contrary to some other reviews here, I've seen absolutely NO difference in light output whether my lights are driven by 1.5V or 3.6V, so the regulator is doing a superb job. Although a hot-off-the-charger Li-Ion battery, briefly at ~4.2 volts might over-drive the LED for a small increase. If weight was critical, I would prefer disposable Lithium AAs to Li-Ions. Also, a single AA is much cheaper, smaller, and more convenient than 3xAAAs, yet both provide nearly the same amount of power. In a pinch, this flashlight even runs reliably on a single AAA battery without modification. So this unit is superior to most other (18650) small flashlights.

On a single Tenergy Centura LSD AA NiMH Battery, I get 1.5 hours of run-time on HIGH before the light dims. I expect "strobe" mode to get double that. LOW mode lasts about 4.5 hours before the voltage presumably drops too low and the regulator suddenly shuts-off the light entirely. I measured a current of approx 1.7A@1.3V on HIGH, and 0.5A@1.3V on LOW. With a 13¢ "Super Heavy Duty" AA battery, I got about half the run-time, which is decent and useful in emergencies (but starts to dim sooner than NiMH). With a battery extension tube converting this to 2xAAs, on HIGH I get 4 hours of run-time, a 33% improvement.

Most 3-mode sellers are offering cheap clones of the 150 lumen Ultrafire SK68, which is itself a very similar clone of the 120 lumen Sipik SK68 which a few people have also received. You may be interested to know that the Sipik was itself originally a MUCH cheaper clone (using a different battery) of the old 220 lumen Nitecore Extreme

The wide array of blank/unbranded SK68 clones sold here can be different than their Ultrafire cousins... A few have a different thread diameter and the button protruding from the tail-cap so they *can't tail-stand*. Meanwhile it seems most lack proper voltage regulation ("buck"), so they're 2.5X as bright with a Li-Ion battery, or 2X as bright with 2xAAs using an extension tube, and may burn out the LED quickly on the higher voltage. The design and build quality of the clones is never quite as good as the Ultrafires, but they're decent lights, and typically still well-worth the price. I'd stick with Ultrafire branded lights for any critically important usage, like camping/hiking, myself.

This is nearly the PERFECT small flashlight. I always carry one in my back pocket, next to my wallet... I rarely notice it and I've always got a great flashlight with me when I need it. With an extension tube, it can fill the role of a MEDIUM sized flashlight as well. With the belt-clip turned backwards, it can clip on a hat for a hands-free headlamp. The high/low modes and flood/spot zoom lens means you get the exact lighting you want for nearly any purpose. And it makes a great lantern/whole-room light if you unscrew and remove the lens entirely (equivalent to a 15W bulb). Ultrafire rates this "SK68" light as 150 lumens, not 300lm as listed here, and it's pretty evenly matched with my 190 lumen Dorcy CyberLight. I just wish I could find a large 2xD flashlight with all these same features, other than the discontinued Small Sun ZY-A601.

- The belt clip should be turned the other way around (or just drill a second set of screw holes near the head, so customers can choose). That would allow clipping to a hat or similar for hands-free headlamp use (without needing an extension tube). It would allow quick mounting under a car hood as a work-light, and more.
- An even lower ~5 lumen brightness mode would be great for preserving night-vision, up-close work, or indoor use, and would allow a single AA to run your light non-stop for 48 hours. I've resorted to also carrying around those $2 1xAA "3W Police" LED lights as well.
- Lowest mode first when turning-on the flashlight would be best, then cycle through higher modes as needed. Alternatively, a memory or a switch to set (and keep) the preferred initial mode might make everyone happy.
- An inexpensive pack of colored lenses seems like a common request. I believe most people want, in order of decreasing priority: Red, Amber, Green, Blue.
- Sold together with an extension tube would be a great option, like the Ultrafire C3 usually is. There's a big market for 2xAA mini-maglites, so I'm not the only one who would like the option of that larger form-factor. You CAN find extension tubes for (most of) these lights here on Amazon thanks to their compatibility with "3W Police" lights:

* 3W White LED 2 AA Handy Camping Flashlight Torch
* 3W White LED 2 AA Handy Camping Night Light Bulb Flashlight Torch
* 3W White LED 2 AA Handy Handheld Camping Flashlight Torch

If you have any information to add, particularly if you believe my list is inaccurate, feel free to leave a comment below. I can update it with new information as it becomes available.

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1Product switching going on!
By Dale Reynolds
The reason for the variation in the reviews, is because they are shipping different product at different times, likely all Cree Quality Control rejects. I made orders of 3, 5 and 7 flashlights in sequence. The order of 3 was great and resulted in my decision to make the two subsequent orders. The order of 5 were labeled Sipik and mostly junk, the order of 7 was unlabeled but acceptable. Attempts to return the items resulted in a run around of e-mail, sending pictures, and unloading the cost to ship and risk of loss back to me.

I would also like to know if Happy Electronics, Lucky Electronics, BBQbuy and BestDeal777 are all the same company. They all were involved in some way in the 3 orders when I thought I was dealing with one company.

The product switching is clearly deceptive marketing and unethical, as well as unfair to other vendors. I won't be buying anything shipping directly from China. Amazon credibility and good name also suffers from such practicesl.

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5Great little torch. Demo video for the Operation Modes
By c32077
Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R3JMZ5HDCZTPEN Hello all,

Just a quick review and a bit of instruction that I've discovered to work on my 3 flashlights.

For the money, I am very happy with this little gem of a light. It is small and it uses a commonly found battery. Run time may be suspect for some, but for infrequent to moderate use it's wonderful. For a small carry torch it does whatever you would need to do with it. I use it all the time to get through the dark parts of my basement or toolbox at night on the wide angle beam and for spotting the animals and neighborhood kids causing trouble in our yards with the focused beam.

A lot of people have posted about issues they are having with their lights having either 'on/off mode' or 'high/low/strobe modes' using the switch on the back, but not both. I can say that all three of these torches I purchased have had all of these modes depending on how you use the button and the period in between 'on' or 'off' cycles. I discovered this by accident on my first flashlight which was lost in a motorcycle accident. I ordered two next time because I missed it so much. Of my entire ordeal from the accident the one thing I was most sore about was losing that little flashlight. When the next two arrived the first thing I did was cycle through all of the modes to make sure my last one wasn't a fluke. It wasn't. These two worked exactly the same way. It would have probably helped if the manufacturer had placed some type of instructions for this in the box, but none of mine arrived with anything but the bubble wrapped light inside a plain white box. I assume you all received the same.

Here is what I've discovered:

On/Off Mode (high brightness only):
Click once to turn it on - it will always be on the brightest setting if it has sat for a while - Click once again to turn it off.
Let it sit for 3 seconds or so and you can repeat the above with the exact same result every time.

High/Low/Strobe Mode:
Click once to turn it on - this will be High brightness - click it again twice within a second of the first click - this will be Low brightness - click it again twice within a second of the previous click - this will be a strobe at high brightness - click it again to turn it off. Let it sit in the off mode for 3 seconds after any of these modes and it will return to the On/Off mode with full brightness next time you turn it on.

You can also turn it on at full brightness and depress the switch only partially to cycle through the High/Low/Strobe modes without turning the light off between modes.

I will try to attach a video to show this. I've never done this before so it may not work (which is why I offered the written instructions above). In the video it may be difficult to recognize the brightness modes, but you'll believe me after you try it yourself.

In conclusion, I think wherever you buy this light it is very much worth it for the price. I think it will make a very practical and useful gift on the cheap that almost anyone will be happy to have. Even if they just keep it in a glove box, in an emergency kit in the trunk/boot, in a saddle bag of their motorcycle, in a back pack or whatever, they will be happy to have it when they need it. The light uses readily available AA batteries and is super easy to use (once you know how to work the magic button on the back).

I hope this review/demo has been helpful.


Edit on 14 Aug 2013:
It seems there is no way of telling which model flashlight you are going to get when you order. I've order from this vendor at least twice and have gotten flashlights with 3 modes and flashlights with on/off. On mine I notice the flashlights with the on/off only mode the orange button is smooth and shiny. On the ones with 3 modes the button is dull/matte orange and has a very slight texture to it. So it seems it is a coin toss whether you get the 3 mode or the on/off mode flashlights. I wish I had any better info on this and how to ensure you get the one you want. I typically use the full bright only mode on all of them so on/off works for me, but I have used the med light once or twice in situations where I planned to have the light on for a bit longer than usual (I took a shower when the power went out by setting this thing on the corner of my vanity on medium light and flooding light on the ceiling). Good luck.

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